Monday, August 04, 2008

Trip to Kimberley, BC July 17-26, 2008

I went back to my hometown to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our graduation from Grade 12. Of the 116 members of the class, about 45 were present. A very good turnout I would say. My friend Betty took me to a number of wonderful painting places where I took pictures which I may turn into paintings at some future time. Here are some photographs:

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hermit Thrush Song, May 2008

Video of Hermit Thrush Song

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Photographs Taken in New York, November 1 - 8, 2007

Windows of the Brooklyn Academy of Music

Two Blue Towers


Trees on 5th Avenue



Squirreling Away

Spires 2

Competing Spires

Skin of the Tree

Sidewalk Bricks

Shadows and Leaves

Sculptures by Puryear

Ancient Sculpture

Sculpture of Georgia O'Keefe

Sculpture on the Streets

Please Keep Off the Moss


Pigeon Strolling


Painting by Christo

Outside the Trump Building

Open Mouth

Buildings in a Park

NY Buildings 5

NY Buildings 4

NY Buildings 3

NY Buildings 2

More Buildings

Monument to Seventh Regiment, NY

Monument to Sherman

Monument at Corner of Central Park

Monument 3

Monument 2



Brancusi Head (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Merry-go-Round Horse

Matisse Painting 2

Matisse Painting

Marble Head of Zeus (Roman)

Man Walking


Horse and Carriage at Night

Ancient Head Sculptures

Greek Vessel

Golden Leaves

Giacometti Figures

Georgia O'Keefe Painting

Gehry Building


Down the Street

Decoration on Building 3

Decoration on Building 2

Decoration on Building

Church (not in NY)

Chelsea Restaurant

Central Park Vista 3

Central Park Vista 2

Central Park Vista

Building Decoration

Umberto Boccioni Sculpture

Bicycle Wheel

Tree Bark

Close-Up of Cherub

Artists' Gate (Central Park)

Ancient Sculpture